Movie Review: Bhoothnath Returns (2014)

Bhootnath Returns (2014)
 Bhootnath Returns (2014) 

Directed by        Nitesh Tiwari
Produced by      Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Renu Ravi Chopra
Written by         Nitesh Tiwari & Piyush Gupta
Starring             Parth Bhalerao, Amitabh Bachchan, Boman Irani, Anurag Kashyap,  Usha Jadhav, Sanjay Mishra, Brijendra Kala, Usha Nadkarni

 MOVIE REVIEW: Bhoothnath Returns supernatural comedy Film directed by Nitesh tiwari sequel of Movie Bhoothnath. Bhoothnath who in the next sequel Bhoothnath Returns came to the 'Bhoot world' to get token for next turn to get next birth but there were long line also he is greeted with taunts and all the Bhoot in the 'Bhoot world' were laughing out on him for bringing disrepute for the ghosts as he was unable to scare child Banku (Aman Siddiqui), And ask for permission to go back to earth to scare children. After coming back to earth he was trying to scare children but nothing worked eventually he meet a slum boy Akhrot (Parth Bhalerao) who can see him, which surprised him that no not again. and that's where fun starts and bhoothnath starts helping slum boy in getting money but as of Akhrot wishes he want to earn money with respect, so they start helping builders to start their work on building projects in making their places or building ghost free who were there because of theirs uncompleted wills or wrong happened with them. One by one they meet all and solved their problem of both ghost in fulfilling theirs wills and builders to get their building free of ghost to start work and that's how Akhrot gets money by help of Bhoothnath that all with fun!
A point comes where to move further they need to take on one of the powerful and corrupt politician Bhau (Boman Irani), this is where after 40-45 minutes it's feel to me like the whole story objective changed into to motivate viewers for voting or Election and Indian politics, In which movies continues on where they decided to stand as candidates because there were no good candidates who could be selected for public hope So, With Akhrot own slum lawyer (Sanjay Mishra) within his comedy tadka specially start when he says “Sir aap to mazaak mazaak main serious ho gaye”. who were also against the political system to help Bhoothnath to stand as a candidate competitor against Bhau that's all with fun, some where actors don't cared about that they cant see Bhoothnath and act as they are could see him. whereas, lawyer were good at this point where he always ask 'Bhoothnath jee kha hai' 'Where is Bhoothnath ji?' and little struggle start when Bhau start comment and pointed on Bhootnath with the help of Media that Bhootnath is using his Bhootiya powers (Ghost power) to win in election against him. And provoke him to leave his powers and he did that to gain the public trust. All between this struggles with fun were full on and in last Bhoothnath won the election. 
IMDb has rated this movie 7.7 out of 10. My suggestion is you should go and watch this movie If you're going to vote this time may this will help you to understand something. It's worth to watch.

And and and... one more thing you should go for vote, Every vote counts if no then go and press no vote but should go. Find out the truth and things about the candidate you are suppose to give yourself and come to your point don't go with any others suggestion or speech. Because your vote will be voted for next 5 years. All the Very Best!

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