Baby Doll Is Stress Relaxing For Chetan Bhagat, He Tweeted

Chetan Bhagat & Sunny Leone

Chetan Bhagat recently tweeted, "When you are super stressed, sometimes the only thing that works is watching Baby doll in a loop (interspersed with political ads) on youtube." So It's mean instead of listening to his own Movie 2 States's songs, Sunny Leone's Ragini MMS 2 Track tempting much, and its stressbuster song for him, The fact that it's for us too but when it's come to chetan Bhagat It's more twisted things to think about that, If It's seems Baby Doll stressbuster Track for him than his own Movie 2 States songs then everybody too admitted it that Baby Doll of Sunny Leone Ragini MMS 2 is really gathered a lot of responses and fame and become one of Hit song for Sunny. Chetan Bhagat has been very active in promoting the film on the social sites and he recently tweeted, "300 people have worked on 2 States movie with passion. Many have their careers on it. No wonder I am nervous. Want it work out for them.

Well, when I saw 2 States I felt It's something should anybody go for to watch it that how Films having when filmed on best seller love Marriage novel  inspired from the real life story of Chetan Bhagat himself i.e., 2 States and Bhagat you keep continue on you relaxation with the "Baby doll" track we are too.

Wish you All the very best for your film 2 States.